The Cicolella family, who originate from a Norman dynasty, were first recognised and celebrated in the XII century because of Goffredo, a powerful knight in the army of King Tancredi. His descendents continued in the military, distinguishing themselves for courage and bravery initially in 1520 with Andrea, Landlord of Venice and in 1525 with Amedeo, Bishop of Padova. Oreste was celebrated for successfully defending the city of Mantova from the numerous assaults of the Duke of Vendome and was therefore appointed the city’s Governor in 1570. Under the Kingdom of Philip II of Spain, the family then moved to the southern region of Puglia where they ever since remained landlords in the “Capitanata” and surroundings of Bari.

Since 1918 until today, the Cicolella family have been established in the hospitality and restaurant business.

It was in fact in the Grand hotel Cicolella in Foggia where European royalty and many international statesmen would stay, like for instance the Prince Pierre de Polignac, S.A.S. Albert II of Monaco’s grandfather during their visit to Puglia.

The presence of the olive tree and the knight in the family coat of arms, which includes the motto: NIL DIFICILE VOLENTI, represent the persistence and the perseverance which characterise the Cicolella as well as the love for their land. Against this background Cinzia Cicolella, expert olive oil taster and a resident of the Principality of Monaco since 1999, has chosen the best products of Puglia and Italy for her RED lable after intensive and accurate research.

CEO: Cinzia